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What is the language used by the cucumber?

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What is the BDD?

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What are the various keyword that are used in cucumber for writing a scenario?

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What is the purpose of scenario outline in Cucumber?

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What are the programming language is used by cucumber?

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What is the purpose of step definition file in cucumber?

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What are the major advantages of Cucumber Framework?

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What do you mean by feature file?

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What symbol is used for parameterization in cucumber?

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Which is the correct example of step definition file in cucumber?

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The purpose of cucumber options tag; CucumberOptions(features=”Features”, glue={StepDefinition}) is?

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What is the puppose of Examples keyword in cucumber?

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Which keywords is correct to write a scenario in cucumber.

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Provide an example of TestRunner class in Cucumber

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What is the mean reason to use Test Runner class in Cucumber?

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Where is the starting point of execution for feature files?

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Which one is correctly written within TestRunner class?

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What is the use of features property under Cucumber Options tag?

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What is the main reason to use of glue property under CucumberOptions tag?

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